JWA Classic


Joel Winter - classic car enthusiast and collector.

After a successful entrepreneur career in actuarial consultancy (JWA and Winter & Associes), Joel decided to fully pursue his passion for Delage, Delahaye and Talbot-Lago. He established JWA Classic in 2003 in Belmont-de-la-Loire and has been collecting, restoring and touring classic cars since then.


There is a great satisfaction in bringing back to life automobiles that are more than just automobiles.

To this extent - French classic cars such as Delage, Delahaye and Talbot-Lago are unique thanks to their history and custom bodyworks.
We take great joy in unraveling the past of great cars, restoring them to their prime and tour them on the beautiful roads of France countryside.


JWA Classic focuses on Trade, Historical Researches, Restoration and Tuning.
We are also happy to discuss about technical or historical matters related to French vintage cars such as Talbot-Lago, Delage and Delahaye.

Contact: contact@jwaclassic.com